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Huntsville Homeschool Guide is a resource for homeschoolers in Huntsville, Alabama area. We aim to provide tools to families that are interested in or are currently homeschooling. HHG’s founder is a local homeschool mom that saw the need for families to have one place to get all basic information regarding how to homeschool and whats available in the North Alabama area. 



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North Alabama Homeschool Families

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” 

-Ainsley Arment, Author of “Call of the Wild + Free



I never planned to be a homeschooler. I thought for sure my children would go to a private school to which I’d be the active PTA mom. The day came for me to enroll my daughter in school and I couldn’t find a school that I was satisfied with. I soon realized that the school of my dreams simply didn’t exist.

The journey began and I soon realized that what we prioritize in life with our day to day rat race simply didn’t contribute to the life I wanted to live with my family. 

Homeschooling isn’t a fit for every family, but I feel it is an option that is often overlooked. A diamond everyone walks past.

Courtni Sedlacek

Homeschooler , 12 Years to 3 Children

Homeschool or public school? For our family, the answer is, “yes”.

We started homeschooling our oldest before moving to North Alabama seven years ago. Academically, he thrived, but both he and I struggled with isolation after our move.

We enrolled him in Madison City schools the next year, and he has thrived there.

Once we made the switch to public school. I never expected to come back to homeschooling. But, last year, my then third grader began to ask, “Mom, can’t I just do my work at home?” When we decided to take her request seriously, we realized that homeschool might be a good option for her.

Homeschooling this year has allowed me to focus on the areas where my daughter needs to grow and the areas where she enjoys a challenge. Our relationship is stronger and she has gained confidence by interacting with other kids like herself.

Honestly, it’s hectic keeping up with two public school students and homeschooling, but I wouldn’t trade the satisfaction of seeing each of my kids blossom in their own way.

Christy McGuire

Homeschooler and Public School Mom

I chose to homeschool because I missed my children when they were away and I  was unsettled by the idea that I only get five years with them before the state took over. 
I also wanted my children to be free to be themselves in a safe environment and to explore avenues of education that are not permissible in a public school setting. Hands on, individualized education seemed like a better fit. I wanted my children to have the freedom to wonder, explore
and create in a way that spending 7 hours on a classroom would not allow. I feel that the greatest benefit for homeschooling has been the opportunity my children have to truly be themselves and to pursue their passions.

Jennifer Stang

Homeschooler, 5 Children

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